Branded Products

Branded Products

Sharpoint™ SOLO™ Single-Use Instruments

Sharpoint™ SOLO™ gives you the convenience and safety of single-use ophthalmic instrumentation with the precision and feel of reusables, while maintaining the consistent high quality you expect from Sharpoint™ products.

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Surgical Specialties Corporation is proud to introduce the newest member of our family built on a heritage of precision sharpness and proven performance.


 Sharpoint Solo™ I/A Handpiece     

Make the switch to single use without sacrificing performance

Sharpoint Solo™ is the smart alternative to reusable providing:

        • Consistent unobstructed flow

        • Ergonomic sleek handle design

         Value pricing 

Available in standard, soft tip, micro incision and bi-manual styles  

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 The Sharpoint Solo™ I/A Handpiece along with the Sharpoint Next Generation Guarded Knife, Micro Polysyn Sutures and Single Use Instruments are just a few more ways we are still staying sharp.



Surgical SpecialtiesBone Wax has been a tradition in the medical industry for nearly 100 years. Our new 903-type formulation makes it softer and easier to handle, form, and apply than ever before. The peel-open foil packet is specifically designed for easy dispensing while providing optimum safety and convenience.

Produced at our ISO 13485 certified facilities and distributed throughout the world, Surgical SpecialtiesTM Bone Wax is a dependable choice for safety and value.


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Surgical Specialties is proud to help put veterinary patients back on their paws - offering a line of sutures specifically used for animal health.

Surgical Specialties™ Animal Health Sutures

Introducing Surgical SpecialtiesAnimal Health sutures the same high quality yet affordable sutures that weve been manufacturing for more than 30 years now available for veterinary medicine.

Quill™ device

The QuillDevice secures closure of soft tissue by utilizing its unique barbed design and eliminates the need to tie knots.


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The BioSentry™ tract sealant system is now owned by AngioDynamics. For more information, follow the link to be redirected to the BioSentry website.


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Sharpoint™ UltraPlug™ Punctal Plugs

Long-term relief of dry eye symptoms.

Inserted into the punctal opening to block tear drainage through the canaliculus and enables the eye to retain more of its own natural tears. Available in: collagen, silicone, synthetic absorbable materials.


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Sharpoint™ Trephines

Redefines sharpness and efficiency in Endothelial Keratoplasty (EK)

Advanced trephine blade technology provides an exquisitely sharp cutting edge to achieve the critical fit needed for successful transplants. Disposable vacuum trephines, donor punch sets, and short or long handled trephines are available in sizes ranging from 6.00mm through 9.75mm, in 0.25mm increments.


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Sharpoint™ Guarded Knives

Equipped with high-quality Sharpointblades and a sliding protective sheath for protection from blade-related injuries. They are available in a wide variety of blade styles including paracentesis, slit, clear corneal and crescent designs.


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Specialty Knives

Specialty Knives are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for various techniques and procedures.

Sharpoint Spoon Knives, Double Bevel

Sharpointspoon knives feature a unique 320° cutting radius and ultra-thin blade to enhance precision cutting capabilities where multidirectional techniques are performed.

SharpointAluminum Blade and Tip Handle

Compatible with the threaded tips of Sharpointblade and tip items, the inner threads are standardized to fit most competitive collets and blades currently available. Sold individually.


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Vitrectomy Knives

Sharpointvitrectomy knives create precise access incisions that may virtually eliminate wound leaks around probes and other posterior segment instruments. Used when removing all or some of the vitrious humor (fluid) from the eye in retina-related procedures.


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